February 2018

The poem Memories by Elini Cay, was orignally written by Elini Cay in Slovakian and published in a collection by Cakanka in 2013. The translated collection‚ A Butterfly’s Trembling in the Digital Age, was published by Parthian Books in 2017. The poems were translated by John Minahane.

Elini has created beautiful imagery and music for this filmpoem.

Census by Othniel Smith uses text and audio uploaded by Lissa Kiernan to the website ‘The Poetry Storehouse’ (now sadly defunct) which encouraged poets to submit their work for creative remix by performers, composers and filmmakers. Othniel uses the public domain footage from the educational film “Marriage Today” (1950) for this successful mash-up.

Census has been screened at the IndieCork Film Festival in Ireland, the Ozark Shorts Film Screening Series in the U.S.A., and the Zebra Poetry Film Festival, in Munster, Germany.

Dynamic Flow Form, by Andrew Henon, was originally an audio visual piece created for an exhibition and then uploaded to YouTube as a looped film and part re-presented with other images as a visual backdrop to Bath Philharmonia performance piece with young carers. The poem was been written as a sound track to the film retaining some of the original background. It is a response to current social, cultural, economic, environmental and political issues and challenge.

Amy Bobeda’s Body Talk, was shot continuously: “because there is no pause button, reshoots, or better angles when it comes to health”.

Great use of pen, paper and props!

Frack Off! by the poet/spoken word artist Anneliese Emmans Dean, was made to support the ‘KM8 Protectors’ – activists who are trying to stop fracking from going ahead in the Ryedale village of Kirby Misperton.

What Happens When You Die, by Welsh poetry film-maker Martin Evans, explores the physical aspect of the very last moments as life becomes death.