August 2017

Yves Bommenel’s (bobie) Daftar Assafar is a travel diary paying tribute to the Moroccan work of the painter Eugène Delacroix.

Brumes au-dessus des terrasses de la médina,
Sifflets des merles sur la ville qui s’éveille…

Mists under the medina’s terraces,
Whistles of the blackbirds on the city which is awakening.

Equus Caballus
Is a cowboy poetry film from filmmaker H. Paul Moon and poet Joel Nelson.

I have run on middle fingernail through Eolithic morning,
I have thundered down the coach road with the Revolution’s warning.

Tommy Decker’s Song for Awe and Dread is a contemporary take on the vanitas paintings of the 17th century and an investigation into the emotional duality of our existence. The Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard identified this duality as awe and dread. It’s a performance piece, to be read:

… dressed in black
Wearing a skeleton mask
With a piece of gum in your mouth
While standing on a stack of books
As you read a list of chewing gum flavours

Beau Blue lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Two of Beau’s animations are shown here: Scrapbook Construction which ends:

And a little girl so seriously four,
lecturing the old dog sternly,
on why he shouldn’t lick the glue.

and Life in a High Crime Zone which begins:

The prophecy, posted
on South Redwood Avenue’s telephone poles
two days ago by a bored city work crew
that didn’t really care if anybody knew,
came to pass at 2:17a.m. Saturday.

Ovella by Adriana Páramo and Lara Dopazo is translated from Galician. Farruco the sheep takes centre stage …