Love is Bittersweet

Love is Bittersweet
I never thought I’d fall in love this year,
I always thought I’d fall in love in college not high school,
But why do we have these expectations?
I wasn’t expecting to be so happy but so sad all in the same lonely week,
I wasn’t expecting to get my heavy heart broken again.
As these seasons change, I will too,
I need to let go of all of this but it’s hard to let go of someone you still love,
It’s like a ghost that’ll haunt you forever,
and I honestly don’t know for the good or for the bad,
Change hits you like an unexpected hurricane right in the heart.
I wouldn’t want to loose all those magical memorable memories like that
chilly Autumn night when you held me and told me you loved me for the
very first time,
That was the first time someone ever told me they loved me and truly
meant it,
Oh god I’ll never forget that connection we could make just by looking at
each other,
I swear I could see the whole universe in your eyes,
Why’d you have to leave me all alone at my worst without saying a proper
Maybe just maybe this isn’t goodbye,
I pray at night for everything to just be alright in the end,
I want you to be happy but I want to be happy too,
When will good things fall through,
Maybe one day we’ll meet again when we can leave all those painful nights
and start over together again.
These leaves fall to the ground just like I fall breaking but I will stand back
up again,
I was fine before I met you and I’ll be fine right now,
but I want to be more than fine,
I want to feel alive again,
Why is love so bittersweet?
Process Notes: “I made this spoken word to deal with my own heartbreak I was going
through. Writing to me is so beautiful because it’s always my escape. When I’m feeling
down I can always turn to writing to make me feel a bit better. I was shocked when I
found out my ex was going to break up with me and this film explores that shock. This
film also showcases how much you need to appreciate your loved ones because you
never know when they’ll be gone. It’s a sad but true fact of life. I wanted to make this to
show that it does get better and everything happens for a reason. I wanted to show love
is a beautiful thing too. I approached the making of this film by first writing the poem and
re-writing it over and over. I asked my friend for some constructive criticism and then
started filming it. It did take a long time to film because it was just getting the motivation
and every time I would film it I thought of my ex-lover. I struggled through it and realized
the beauty I was creating. I wrote, filmed, and edited this film all myself, but I couldn’t do
it without heartbreak. So the conclusion of this all is love is heaven and heartbreak is
the devil but I think we need both in life to learn lessons. We need more love in the
Filmmaker/Poet Bio: Bridget Johnson is a seventeen year old high school filmmaker/
writer. She has always loved writing poetry but not until this year got into video spoken
word poetry. She hopes to make more in the future. She hopes to attend DePaul and
get a bachelor of arts in digital cinema.

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