To commemorate the anniversary of the January 13th 1915 earthquake in Italy we have a video poem "Poemotus 1915" by Dimitri Ruggeri and Marco Di Gennaro.

For the special winter month of December there have been 4 updates on Poetry Film Live. Here is the final update:

How Can You Remain in Love in San Diego? by Kevin Dublin

I am afraid you will remember me as a wooden ladder
or even worse, forget I was. And I’ll remember you
as a disaster. Unable to recall how you swallowed yawns
like milk, …

Kevin Dublin’s poem is the title poem from his chapbook. This poetry film is stunning in the mood created by the words and images.

14 Sentences by Carolyn Guinzio consists of 14 micro-movies on “crime” and “punishment.” Each micro-movie is a couplet consisting of two words only, divided by a title to create a breath in between.

I wanted a visually complex and evocative piece, but because of the speed with which the pieces pass, I thought fairly literal imagery was in order.

Lifeline by Gen3rati0n_Y
Gen3rati0n_Y an experimental science fiction poet and audiovisual artist who previously worked as a medical doctor in internal medicine and palliative care.

There was only the flow.
The air that connected our mouths.

It’s molecules in our every cell.
Semisolid micro-objects permeating our sovereignty.

Poem with Flying Termites & Cheesy Ending (take seventeen) by Baga Defente, Brazil. English subtitles have been translated from Portuguese by the author.

Once again I cleaned the house, made the bed, washed the dishes & you didn’t come…

Another beautiful and moving video poem.

Those Drawn Alive by Jukka-Pekka Jalovaara is unsettling and intriguing.

Having first studied sculpture as a Fine Art student Jukka-Pekka moved to moving image. Here words and visual images have been sculptured.

From physical sculptures to ‘mental sculptures in light and shadows’

Interview with Lucia Sellars

We sat with Lucia in her flat in Swindon before the landlord arrived to discuss her upcoming move, we talked about Lucia’s journey with poetry film. Lucia is an environmental scientist. Born in the U.K. and brought up in Bolivia, before returning to the U.K. when she was 19. Between then and the t