Scrapbook Construction

Scrapbook Construction

The spring’s young plum leaves
draw the air slowly
through the afternoon.

A field of forget-me-nots with
a blackberry bush border,
brushes the east side of the cabin.

And a little girl so seriously four,
lecturing the old dog sternly,
on why he shouldn’t lick the glue.









Process Notes:
“I’m a 70 year old recluse living in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I’m not sure why I do anything? I’ve been thinking about animating poetry since forever ago.
This particular piece started out as a word portrait of my daughter. I only knew I wanted to augment the depth of time and looked for a way to accomplish that with the toon.”

Beau has spent years learning software tools, while writing poetry, and doing sound recording and singing. Beau Blue has been making animated poetry films since 2002. He calls himself a reclusive cartoonist for good reason. He is.
He has done animations of Robert Bly, Robert Sward, Robinson Jeffers, Ted Kooser, Kim Addonizio, Morton Marcus and many, many others.

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