Time ‘H’



The words will come like retching.
I dare to whisper them to you.
In our crotch they will awaken forces
of imagination. Oh, let it be inflamed by him

the prayer is absurd. Be it blood? Or shit ?
The World will froth. On the verge of triumph
you will be crowned by the sob of bullet
and reign.. By sight-reading

preferred hymns will invade,
whose content is brief as “Fire!”.
We’ll find meaning of our life godforsaken
and we will hang only for love.









The video “Livejornal” is a performance. The main character of the performance (the author) is sitting on a chair, being wrapped with cling film. The participants are performing their own works of visual poetry. Spectators painted the ‘live cocoon’ on the outside with their own labels. As a result, the art object can be seen and read like an illustrated magazine: the idea of self-publishing and collective creativity. In front of the performer the assistants roll out the “carpet” of contemporary socio iconic terms and names (author Tatiana Suchankova). In the final part of the performance the character gradually emerges from the cocoon showing the contents of the journal. Thus the autopsy of the intellectual sheath of the current literature suggests its physiological implications.

E d w a r d   K U L E M I N
1960         – born in town Yaroslavl, Russia;
1984         – graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute;

– an artist, poet, author of many art-projects;
– an inspirator and organiser of various communication creative societies (KEPNOS, Group of Unknown Artists,   Smolensk School of Appologists, etc.);
– a participant of some poetic actions, exhibition and festivals
– an author of the books: “It seems to have begun”(1994), “Odnohujstvenny Ulysses”(1995), “By the artificial way” (1998), «Multimatum”(2002), “Lowdown” (2012), «Poems cash register» (2016).

The winner of the festival of videopoetry “Fifth leg” (2009).
1st place in the competition of videopoetry at the IX International literary festival. M. A. Voloshin (2011).
3rd place in the competition of videopoetry at the X International literary festival. M. A. Voloshin (2012).
2nd place in the competition of photophase at the XI International literary festival. M. A. Voloshin. (2013).
The prize in the nomination “For compliance with the theme of the festival (“Heroes”) in the contest of videopoetry “Obviously” at the festival of experimental poetry EXPERIENCES-2013 (Novosibirsk, 2013)

Published in anthologies:
Crossing Centuries: The New Generation in Russian Poetry (Talisman House Pub, USA, 2000);
Cool-Strip-Art-Antology (Prilep, Macedonia, 2000),
Secondary literature (New literary review, Moscow, 2001);
Mailart poemics anthology (Lublin, Poland, 2012, http://www.scribd.com/doc/85756418/mailartpoemicsanthology),
The Last Vispo Anthology: Visual Poetry 1998-2008 (USA, 2012, http://www.thelastvispo.com/),

An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting (USA, 2013, http://www.uitgeverij.cc/publications/an-anthology-of-asemic-handwriting).

The encrypted poemics anthology (Lublin, Poland, 2014), http://poemicstrip.blogspot.ru/2014/01/the-encrypted-poemics-anthology-is-here.html

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