With a passion for poetry and film, we want to widen participation, opening doors for anyone eager to learn the craft of weaving words and images into captivating poetry films.


Poetry Film In Conversation is about forging connections that stretch beyond the confines of our office walls, creating meaningful conversations and exchanging ideas.


Providing platforms where both seasoned practitioners and budding poetry film makers can showcase their creations, where the brilliance of experience can mingle with the raw talent of the up-and-coming.

Making a Poetry Film

There are tips and ideas for making a poetry film in the chapter ‘Making a Poetry Film’, written by Helen Dewbery, in the Nine Arches Press book Poetry Projects to Make and Do, edited by Deborah Alma.

In Conversation: Text on Screen

Using text on screen: Jane Glennie, typographer and filmmaker, shares typographical skills and knowledge and how these insights can be applied to text on screen when creating poetry films - the what, why, and where. It comes with a warning that you might inadvertently fall into Star Wars territory!

In Conversation: Poetry, Animation & Text

Suzie Hanna, Diek Grobler, and Jane Glennie discuss the craft of merging poetry, animation, and text on screen. They shared their expertise, with Suzie focusing on poetry animation's unique capabilities and visual symbolism, Diek on animated poetry films, and Jane on typography and text placement.

In Conversation: Collaboration

In a Poetry Film Conversation, Helen Dewbery discusses the interplay between poetry and film with Rosie Garland, Maria Jastrzębska, and Jane Glennie. Topics include collaboration, adaptation, and the power of inquiry. Featured works include a film inspired by Tilly Losch and the Snow Q project.

In Conversation: Sonic & Lyric

Suzie Hanna, an Emerita Professor of Animation at Norwich University of the Arts, is an established animator with interests in poetry and sound design. She has produced internationally recognized short films and innovative projects. Beyond her teaching and research, she consults and collaborates extensively in her field.

In Conversation: AI and Poetry Film

Ian Gibbins is a poet, video artist, and electronic musician living on Kaurna land in Adelaide, South Australia. He has four books of poetry, and his videos have been shown to acclaim worldwide in festivals, galleries, installations, and public art programs. Until he retired in 2014, Ian was an internationally recognized neuroscientist and Professor of Anatomy.

In Conversation: Poets & Poetry Film

Helen Dewbery and Lucy English discuss the motivations and experiences of creating poetry films with poets Kathy Gee, Lee Campbell, and Janet Lees. Lee's films have won awards and festival selections, Kathy has transitioned from a history-focused career to poetry and film, and Janet's lens-based art and poetry have gained international recognition.

In Conversation: Community Arts

Kirsten Luckins and Laura Degnan, promote storytelling through their Celebrating Change project. Be Manzini, a film poet, merges creative arts and activism. Adam Steiner's Disappear Here project collaborates with artists to blend poetry and film, examining life in urban spaces.