April 2017

Bun Stop is by Dan Douglas and Paul Summers who set out to ‘find beauty in the grimiest parts of Newcastle’. It is first in an anticipated series of poetry films about the North East of England.
hail the rhythms
of footfall & heart,

hail the kittiwakes
of spillers’ mill

City of Prey by José Luis Ugarte is another view of the life from inside the city.
If the world is to end tomorrow
Why do I keep my eyes shut to the well?

How it Starts is a poetry film by Patricia Killelea. Patricia says that she takes all of the film clips herself as a kind of moving-picture journal, recording snippets of life and death whenever she encounter something in the material world that feels like a poem. The poem starts:
You carry a headful of numbers from room to room, you carry
the sound of everyone counting all at once
just to play the feeling backwards
while you’re sleeping.

Qué es el amor (from The Book of Hours) is written by Lucy English with an emotional and spot-on visual interpretation by Eduardo Yagüe.
What is love? I think it is a new house.
Piling up fast with stuff in every room.
At the end of this film we see a man devastated for the loss of his wife … the poem says, “They never felt alone”.

The Wolf Fearing the Wolf by Stefan Petermann and Juliane Jaschnow was part of the 2014 lab p – poetry in motion project.

The interview with the Mab Jones – ‘Modifying Expectations’, gives Mab’s insights into collaborating on poetry film. The film Remember is the collaboration between Mab Jones and Alex Taylor which was part of the Disappear Here project in Coventry.

Paul Casey (Founder and director of Ó Bhéal in Cork) was interviewed in Belfast. He was there to present shortlisted and winning films from Ó Bhéal’s 4th International Poetry-Film Competition. The title of the event, Reel Stanzas – Is This The Future for Poetry, was an ideal backdrop to the interview. We talked about what poetry film has done for poetry and advice for poets to collaborate more, … “That will feed back into their work and into their personal relationships”.