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Ever thought of making a poetry film? If the answer is ‘yes’, here is a good place to start.
On this page you’ll find lots of information, tips and ideas to get you started in poetry film, and also more advanced information. These are the things that I have been sharing on my workshop and training courses. (In order to make it as accessible as I can much of it will be revised in the coming months to include more video and ‘podcast’ styles.)

If you only have 5 minutes!

Section 1: Getting started

New to poetry film? Start here. This section is all about poetry film: what it is and what makes a good poetry film, offers some examples and suggests what you need to make a start.

A Short History of Poetry Film

Examples of Poetry Film   This section will be live soon.

What Makes a Good Poetry Film

More than a film about a poem

Basic Equipment

Using ‘The Desktop Metaphor’ by Caleb Parkin, James Knight explores one way to approach making a poetry film.

One Way to Approach Making a Poetry Film


Section 2: Filming

Camera Movement

Camera Angles, Shots and composition

Using a camera phone


Dominic Weston shares his top tip for when filming yourself reading a poem:

Filming Yourself Reading a Poem


Section 3: Sound
This section looks at different types of sound in poetry film and how to use it, as well as how to capture it.

Using Sound

Recording Sound

Kevin Brook from Soundbite Recordings shares tips on how to make better voice recordings:

Make better voice recordings


Section 4: Editing
Editing is about putting it all together. Here are some things to consider.

Transitions – the different types and how to achieve them

An Approach to Final Editing PDF Download


Section 5: Writing for Poetry Film

Leaving space for words, visuals and imagination


Section 6: Other Useful Stuff

Resolution and Frame rates

Resizing Photos for Film

Audio Files

Storyboard PDF Download

Where to find free to use Images, Sound and Music

Creative Commons License

Colours and Visual Communication