City of Prey
by José Luis Ugarte

If the world is to end tomorrow
Why do I keep my eyes shut to the well?
Why do I speak and not sing?
Why do I think and not feel?
Why do I write and not read?
Why do you cry and not me?

If the world is to end tomorrow
Why do I regret what the past has to tell?
Why do I keep on guards that repel?
Shadows perform a vicious spell
Within your soul there’s forgiveness
Within mine, prefer not to tell.

If the world is to end tomorrow
I’d rather be awake
Witness the most I can take
And think of tomorrow as nothing but fate.

If the world is to end tomorrow
So be it, I’m tired
Of voices and sounds
Of truths not profound
Of love I’ve not found.

If the world is to end tomorrow
I might leave today
This land of cursed mortals
This city of prey.





Process notes – City of Prey
With this poetry film I explored, for the very first time, the relationship between the moving image and the written word. I approached it as an opportunity to exemplify the feelings behind the words in order to be able to convey that to the viewer. The symbolism in this piece is clear and even straightforward at times. However, it is also very much exempt of meaning in cinematic terms; the shots were not specifically produced or choreographed to fit the poem; they happened organically. It was during the editing process that I was able to fit the pieces avoiding to formulate a narrative but rather a tangible mood. The voiceover was done last and the only guide I had, in terms of timing, was repeating the poem in my mind as I edited the footage.

Biography of Poet / Filmmaker
I was born in Lima, Peru in 1985. My approach to poetry is organic and most of my work is born out of free writing. My main interest is in the exploration of the dynamic between visual imagery and written word.
As a filmmaker my range of work is as varied as my interests and I am always looking to challenge myself, particularly with projects that are meant to have a wider impact in society; my main priority is to utilise my technical skills to bring meaning and substance into my work.