We’ll show you, step by step, how you can create poetry films. We’ll be sharing with you how to get started with easily available tools, techniques and software. Later on in the course we’ll also take you through some more advanced topics so that you have the tools to think really critically about poetry film.

Each time you try something it will get easier and your work will get better. For some of you this will be the first time you have used any digital technology to create films, others of you will already have some experience – wherever you are starting from we want to support you.

That’s why you can send us any questions as they arise and we will do our best to help. Another unique thing about this course is that you have the opportunity, alongside working through the lessons, for feedback on up to four poetry films you make during the first six months of joining.

The course is divided into two main parts: Basic and Further. It’s usually best to work through lesson by lesson because the course follows the process of creating a poetry film from getting the basics right to then thinking more about what makes poetry film effective. Some of the lessons are available to download for your own reference.

We’ve been teaching poetry film making for several years and we reckon it takes 3-6 months to learn something new and to become confident with a new set of skills. So give yourself time.