Domestic tasks are the creative process itself. The poems are compiled in a first collection titled “the place of the heart is the kitchen,” part of #domesticliteraturemovement.


Out of the mind, heart is.
Before sliding a forkful of tenderness into our mouth,
Mind for supper.
A Word in bold stroke,
Taken to heart.


Her ghost.

It’s her ghost taking care of you 24/7.
It’s her whispering voice singing while you sleep-in.
She won’t stop nursing you.
She will manage the impossible…


I.nurture you.
fliting from flower to flower,
Pollen clinging.
Long tube-like mouth of care,
Visiting every narrowed life corner.
heart is all around a garden.
What are we feeding ourselves in order to feed our survival?

Honey, oats, dreams.
Love.            (As.Bees)


Décio Pignatari said that poetry seems to be more on the music side. We do not need anything else. We agree. To know this project, please only use the ear and the eye. If you want to explore this subject using more senses, you have to dive into the extensive bibliography outside this fortress. At a time when the publishing market gives us to understand that poetry does not “sell”, we take the opportunity to remember that erring barriers encourages the search for alternatives of dissemination. We thank to doubts, a new impulse to move ideas and to create. We have gone far beyond the Aristotelian fashion word of imitation to concretize in the place where words dance, listening to music.

Rawquel is a portuguese artist who creates visual poetry. “Silverware occupies an oversized place in children’s minds (well, children raised in countries where forks, knives and spoons are the dominant utensils), and I basically humanize silverware in a delightfully “unheimlich” and combined it with intimate poetry.


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