Lullaby was prepared for a 48 hour poetry film challenge set in Glasgow by CinePoems, a group run by poets Rachel McCrum and Calum Rodger. You had to be in Glasgow, attend a meeting on Friday night which would explain the rules of the event and then off you went to collect footage, inspiration and a poem! I had heard of Necropolis a Victorian cemetery in Glasgow, so the next morning I went very early in the morning to collect some footage. On the cemetery, I bumped into the male sculpture which is the centre piece of the video-poem. The poem is simple and had to be born in the middle of the night in a hostel whilst everyone slept, and recorded on my phone. For the footage, I used a goPro silver. I also recorded the sound of the train person that calls at the stations. I used some footage of a geology documentary. The soundscape is just myself humming. lullaby was projected in a cinema in Glasgow at the end of the event together with all the other participants work.

Lucia Sellars is a poet, an environmental scientist and describes herself as ‘a quiet observer’. She published a pamphlet at 18, after winning the Premio Joven Contest in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. She has also published in magazines such as The Response (Fabrica Art Gallery – Brighton), Cronopis (Barcelona), Alba (London) and online magazine Datableed. She started to perform in Oxford in 2014 at The Catweazle, and was part of Poetry Can F* Off, by Heathcote Williams in 2015. Her video-poems have been projected at the Athens International Video Poetry Festival 2016 and Film Poem Festival 2017 in Lewes, UK. She writes in both English and Spanish. Her recent published piece is The Quiet Life of Walls.

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