November 2017

Insight: i.m. Michael Hartnett by Eleanor Hooker and George Hooker. A rare synergy exists between the poet and filmmaker in this poetry film. It’s beautiful, balanced and moving.

Exploring Contemplative Effects in text-based video poems
is an essay by Sarah Tremlett, extracted from the forthcoming The Poetics of Poetry Film, Intellect Books.

In all the films mentioned [in this essay] text has remained in its traditional, linear form yet also operates as visual, turned text. Meaning shifts between and as a fusion of text- based verbal language and audiovisual rhythms and effects, with almost non- existent narrative and a screen behaving as a contemplative canvas.

by Misha Penton. Misha composes experimental vocal pieces, sings new music and new opera, and invents and performs new solo and collaborative works. This piece is an exploration of the  word, “enchanted,”

Anahi’s room
by Ivalo Frank and Jessie Kleemann is a film and live performance. Through poetry, music and performance the piece alludes to the deeply felt emotional pain and psychological displacement of the soul, as a consequence of abuse. At another level the performance opens up to a discussion about colonisational abuse, in the relation between Denmark (coloniser) and Greenland (colonised).

The Inventory by Francesca Bonfatti is a  multimedia installation. The project started with the question, What is an archive?  Space, memory, absence, deletion.

Dissolution by Tanja Leonhardt. Using text in sand moulds, Tanya investigates the dissolution of the mother-and-chlild union.