poem with flying termites & cheesy ending (take seventeen)
once again
I swept the house
made the bed
I washed the dishes
& you did not come

once again
I waited for you in the late afternoon
I had to quickly leave
& even knowing
you didn’t come
I put a post-it on the door sayin’
“come in, the house is yours =)”

I quickly went forth & back

& when I arrived that little
yellow paper continued
nailed to the door & the
house was still empty

once again
I waited for you in the early evening
cast out all the flies
removed two dozen millipedes
in which groups of two sometimes
three spend their days copulating
in the bathroom stall

but even, of course
you didn’t come

someone once said “being close
is not physical” being away neither
two hundred kilometers has been
much less than (less than)
two thousand meters

yes I know I feel

one day one night you come
I hope I want I go nuts
I suffer but I surpass your coming-not-coming
I claim I read I insist
remember that I exist

but be as will be
no trouble, ’cause
at the end missing is always
raw material to a poem.

poema cas’leluia & final brega (take dezessete) ORIGINAL IN PORTUGESE
mais uma vez
eu varri a casa
arrumei a cama
lavei a louça
& você não veio

mais uma vez
eu t’esperei no fim de tarde
precisei sair rapidamente
& ainda assim mesmo sabendo
que você não vinha
eu colei um post-it na porta
escrito “entre, a casa é sua =)”

saí correndo & voltei voando

quando cheguei aquele pequeno
papel amarelo continuava
pregado na porta & a casa
continuava vazia

mais uma vez
eu te esperei no começo da noite
expulsei todas as moscas
removi as duas dúzias de centopéias
que em grupos de duas às vezes
três passam os dias copulando
no box do banheiro

mas ainda assim claro
você não veio

alguém já disse que “estar perto
não é físico” estar longe
também não
duzentos quilômetros já foi bem menos
do que (menos de) dois mil metros

sim eu sei eu sinto

um dia uma noite você vem
eu espero eu quero eu piro
sofro mas supero esse vem-não-vem
eu reclamo declamo insisto
lembre-se que eu existo

mas seja como será
não tem problema pois
no final a saudade é sempre
matéria-prima prum poema.

2015, Brasil

Once again I cleaned the house, made the bed, washed the dishes & you didn’t come…


It was late at night when I finished writing this poem & saw a beautiful scene: paintings leaning against the wall, incense smoke… I took my camera, shot that scene & recorded myself reading the poem; 17 times later, text & audio were ready. Nest day I woke up & started editing some previous footage, then I made some new shots, went back to edit & 48 hours later after the initial idea the video was online.

Video & Poem: bagadefente
Soundtrack: Dael Vasques
English translation: bagadefente
Spanish translation: Juliana Veneziano

Bagadefente (Brazil, 1984) is a poet, visual artist & videomaker, always using Chance as his main creative tool. Living in the countryside, he shares his time between his artistic production and commissioned works as writer, videomaker and freelance graphic artist. Since 2015 he has also been experimenting with independent publishing, releasing handmade and limited edition books, made one-by-one by the artist itself. His works can be found at nada.art.br

Bagadefente has been screened at:
9º Curta Ourinhos (Brazil, 2015)
4th International Video Poetry Festival In Athens (Greece, 2015)
Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival (USA, 2015)
Ó Bhéal Poetry-Film / IndieCork Festival (Ireland, 2015)
Visible Verse Festival (Canada, 2015)
Cyclop Videopoetry Contest (Ukraine, 2015)
5th Sadho Poetry Film Festival (India, 2015)




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