Winter Trees: a videohaiku sequence
by Dave Bonta

Dave Bonta has recently released his Winter Trees video haiku series via his site, Via Negativa, as well as on Vimeo and YouTube. I had seen some of the individual videos as they first appeared on Twitter, but enjoyed more seeing the whole collection of 22 very short videos, flowing one-after-the-other in their final running order.  Marie Craven

Find Marie Craven’s full review of Dave’s videohaiku sequence here.



Dave Bonta
Dave Bonta divides his time between London and his childhood home in the mountains of central Pennsylvania, USA. He’s the author of several poetry pamphlets and the full-length collection Ice Mountain (Phoenicia Publishing, 2017), but his real work is online: at Via Negativa, a group literary blog where he’s currently more than half-way through a project to make daily erasure poems from every entry in the Diary of Samuel Pepys; at The Morning Porch, where he posts daily prose micropoems; and at Moving Poems, where he’s been showcasing the best poetry films from Vimeo and YouTube since 2009. His own videopoems have been screened around the world, and he’s also collaborated as a poetic content provider for other video artists and filmmakers, including Marc Neys, Marie Craven, Lori Ersolmaz, and co-directors Jack Cochran and Pamela Falkenberg.

One thought on “Winter Trees: a videohaiku sequence

  1. I have loved watching this sequence of Dave’s on Instagram. I too championed the porcupine and cheered when it overcame the barrier! What I love about these tiny films is how every small detail takes on a momentousness, and every sense is heightened through the viewing. Thanks very much Marie for the mention too.

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