This month features:

The Poster Reads: Active Shooter Event - Art and Animation by Cheryl Gross and a poem by Nicelle Davis. This video poem tells of the emotional impact that terrorist drills, conducted by police, have on a non-affluent community in the USA.

This month we are showing another creation for the collaborative project Book of Hours.
Aubade is by Lucy English and Matt Mullins.

Poetry Film Live is committed to publishing work by new and less experienced poetry filmmakers. Love is Bittersweet is the first video poem created by filmmaker/poet Bridget Johnson.

“I never thought I’d fall in love this year,
I always thought I’d fall in love in college not high school …”

We hope Bridget continues to create poetry videos.

Finn Harvor lives in Korea and describes himself as self-taught and also rather isolated. Finn develops all elements of his videos (writing, art-work and music) and defines the result as “the authorial movie”. Finn’s Baram Series is a series of meditations – here we show Refugee-ism Baram CXXIV.

And ... coming soon is an interview with the amazingly talented Andra Simons, a Bermudian writer, director and actor now residing in London



Aubade by Matt Mullins and Lucy English

Bun Stop

by Paul Summers and Dan Douglas

Qué es el amor

from The Book of Hours, poem Lucy English, filmed by Eduardo Yagüe


by Mab Jones and Alex Taylor (Disappear Here)