Poetry Films by Helen Dewbery

Moonbather, poem by Katie Griffiths
Villanelle to Cold Psalms, poem by Jane Burn
Endlings, poem by Angela France
Hooked, poem by Chaucer Cameron
Neap Tide, poem by Abegail Morley
Woman Running Alone, poem by Maria Taylor
Metaphysician, poem by Gregory Leadbetter
Untruths About Vowels, poem by Anna-May Laugher
Bowing Out, poem by Rosie Garland
Song of the Soil, poem by Jessica Mookherjee
The Dark Museum, poem by Suzannah Evans
Let Me Be Very Clear, poem by David Clarke
Recusatio Redacted, poem by Jacqueline Saphra
Lightening Up, poem by Julia Webb
wikiHow To Find Things You Have Lost,
poem by Theresa Lola
A High Place, poem by Dawn Gorman