Aftershock is a poetry film written and created by Marius Grose. Poetry Film Live has the pleasure of this being the fourth poetry film we have published by Marius. Check out the previous films too: iktsuarpok written by Nora Nadjarian, and The Zone and Garden both written by Caleb Parkin.

Both Aftershock the poem and the film are a response to the traumas of Covid19, lockdown and the climate crisis. Once lockdowns were lifted I started to go out into the city intent on taking street photographs as I had done prior to Covid. When I did I found that I felt uneasy about pointing a camera at people on the streets in a way that I hadn’t before the pandemic. I noticed I was looking at life through shop windows and other barriers.  The need to have a screen between myself and people had been normalised by the virus. These feelings of unease and distance coalesced into the poem that inspired the images of the film and its atmosphere of distance and dislocation

Marius Grose

Marius Grose began his career in television post-production in 1983. He worked as a tape operator and assistant editor in Bristol and London for the BBC and ITV networks. Marius has cut programmes for all the major broadcasters in the UK as well USA companies such as National Geographic and Discovery. He has worked on projects that range from wildlife documentaries, factual entertainment shows, current affairs such as Channel 4’s Dispatches, and feature films. Marius is also a screenwriter and published poet.

Aftershock was published in the inaugural issue of The Storms.