“Fear in your eyes” is a videopoetry film, where footage from home archives is mixed together, creating multi-layered associations connected with a personal story. The history of lost relations and memories. The focus of this small work is an excerpt from the life of the authors parents. An elusive moment of happiness. This film is about time, unfulfilled hopes and love.

Evgenia Makarova was born in 1984 in Syktyvkar, Russia. She received a graduate degree as a Graphic Designer from the Syktyvkar State University. Following, she worked in the field of branding and identity. Currently, Makarova has completed her career as a designer and devotes all her energies to evolving herself as an artist. Evgenia Makarova is a multidisciplinary artist and builds her artistic practice around the theme of mental health, and suppressing the emotional sphere of a person. Video art, sound art, painting and sculpture are combined in Evgenia’s artistic method.