Resolution and frame rates

Generally this will be 1920×1080 which is full HD (or you may come across this as 16:9 high-definition).

If you are using downloaded material, especially old film archive, then it probably has a ‘squarer’ dimension which is 720 x 576 (or you may come across this as 4:3 standard-definition video).

(4096 x 2160 is 4k.)

Frame rates are the number of frames per second. Traditional film is 24 fps which gives a filmic look. 25fps are used in Europe (PAL) and 29.97 in North America and Japan (NTSC). Both 25 and 29.97 relate to the frame rate of TV (that’s why DVDs are often, or used to be, set for different regions around the world). So 25fps is correct unless you want the more filmic look that 24 fps gives.
Filming at 60fps is good for achieveing smoth slo-motion later in editing.