October 2017

Memories of childhood and sitting in the family car with his little brother, whilst parents argue. A later memory of his brother in a hospital bed dying of liver failure. Medical theories of addiction. The need for accurate language. Finn Harvor explains in this enlightening article, The Need Tree (illustrated with poetry film):

In a sense, making art about something as personal as the death of a sibling is one of the few ways to “talk about it”; the very ambiguity of artistic language has its shortcomings – but these shortcomings are better than the frequently clumsy quality of empirical, self-consciously factual discourse.

Red Line Haiku, by Brian Kirk and Bao Zhu, observes the daily interactions of members of the public on the Red Line Luas in Dublin.

dull meeting:
in a drab room opposite
a tired girl dresses

Lucy English and Marie Craven have collaborated on The Last Days for the Book of Hours.

We will hide in the basement and I will sing to you
about the flowers in my Mother’s garden.

Matt Mullins adds a note to Monster Movie:

“Sometimes on my way home from Catholic school, all I wanted was to be in front of the TV watching Godzilla crush cities, hurl trains and breathe the annihilation of radiation. Angry, inarticulate misunderstood Godzilla. We felt the same.”

The performance film by Russian poet and performer, Edward Kulemin’s, Time H, is a comment on the idea of self-publishing and collective creativity.

The words will come like retching.
I dare to whisper them to you.

In Unshot Caroline Rumley uses footage of police shootings and attempts to turn back time.

The narrative has stopped.
It can go the other way.
There is time for a Hollywood ending.

In The Night Garden is a projection mapping installation featured at White Night 2017 festival. The Night Garden grows out of a powerful dream vision inspired by the influential medieval poem The Romance of the Rose, by Guillaume de Lorris.

Enter an enchanted garden that only grows at night, when dreamers dream, and when imagination transcends the walls of reason. Gardens are places of rest, artistry and magic. Dreams are places where the commonplace becomes extraordinary. Inviting the dreamer in us all, The Night Garden will be a place of repose and wonder in the eye of the storm of experience that is White Night.