Have you seen Kai? is a collaboration between poet Maria Jastrzębska and visual artist Wendy Pye. This filmpoem is one of three filmpoems/poetry films that arose from a Polish-led cross-arts project, ‘Snow Q’, which has included an installation and live literature performances. ‘Snow Q’s’ aim was to re-imagine Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen story exploring contemporary themes of migration, exile, sexuality, gender, social isolation and loneliness. ‘Snow Q’s’ artists collaborated together and worked with a range of community organisations and partners.

In Maria Jastrzębska’s poem, ‘Have You Seen Kai?’, Gerda and Kai the protagonists of ‘The Snow Queen’ are two non-binary young people. The poem focuses on Gerda who is searching a landscape of snow and ice to reach Kai. The poem includes elements of ‘Ponglish’ – a hybrid language of Polish and English. Wendy Pye directed and edited the filmpoem, composer Peter Copley wrote the music and the poem is read by Rita Suszek and Maria Ziółkowska.

More information about Snow Q www.snowqproject.wordpress.com

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  1. […] Lullaby is one of three poetry films made as part of the Snow Q collaborative project that re-imagines Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen story along contemporary themes. Another film was this project is Have You Seen Kai. […]

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