In silence (original title in Spanish: En silencio)
Poem from Sr. Citizen (Ediciones Amargord, 2011):

In silence
In silence
water trickles
down the bark

Leaves shine
like a flight of fish

and the forest
a black sea

Like you
when we are together





Process Notes:
Since writing the poem I’d been looking forward to a rainy weekend to go out filming. Originally filmed in my local park in Madrid I later added video at the beginning of a pond in England (UK) and the sound of a gurgling rivulet I recorded in Cuenca (Spain) to help set the scene for the poem.
This was selected for the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, Berlín and Liberated Words, Bristol, 2014. As well as versions in Spanish ( and English it is also available in Arabic (translated by Abdul Hadi Sadoun,

Charles Olsen has published two poetry collections: Sr. Citizen (Amargord Ediciones, 2011) and Antípodas (Huerga y Fierro, 2016) and with the Colombian poet Lilián Pallares he runs the audiovisual company antenablue and the Spanish poetry project Palabras Prestadas.

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