I was that pixel in front of your eyes.
The one that dissolved and merged with you.

Don’t you remember when we were one?
You looked at me and forgot my form.

Your particles fragmented.
Perceptive categories dissolved.

There was only the flow.
The air that connected our mouths.

It’s molecules in our every cell.
Semisolid micro-objects permeating our sovereignty.

They were our lifeline.
The blood of the earth.
We are our cells.
Our air is their blood.
In us are the forests and seas.
Our hearts are the suns that keep moving the winds.

All of this I saw through you.

Without you I would have never lived.


Artist bio – Gen3rati0n_Y
I am an experimental science fiction poet and audiovisual artist.
In my work I focus on the interactions of animate and inanimate matter, deconstruct percepts and try to reimagine them without using existing gestalt concepts.

Before becoming a full-time artist I .
I wrote half a PhD-Thesis in applied neuroscience and behavioural neurobiology and worked as a campaign-writer for national, political elections.

Process notes
I am no fan of art that makes sense or can be reduced to an elevator pitch. Art is that non-entity that you can never really put your finger on. It eludes your conscious awareness and touches your heart in disregard of space and time. It is not the act of creating aesthetic decorations, but the act of creating new objects in the world. May they be physical, digital, emotional or mental. Lifeline is a poem about nature. You are nature and nature is you. Your lover is nature and therefore is you. Just like your child or you for your child.

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